In all federal states, AWO maintains

more than 14,000 facilities and services, including:

  • nursing homes and assisted living residences
  • day care centres, not only for children but also for adolescents and the elderly
  • information and advisory centres, e.g. for immigrants, unemployed people, families, pregnant women, the elderly, people with disabilities, or adolescents
  • outpatient services, including social care 
  • different types of counselling centres, including offices
  • workshops and education centres for unemployed people, and various other workshops

AWO manages

more than 2,100 residential facilities, including:

  • retirement homes, nursing homes, adult day care centres
  • nursing homes and assisted living residences for people with disabilities or mental illness
  • shelters for expellees and foreign immigrants
  • homes and flat-sharing communities for children and adolescents
  • institutions for education, training and professional development
  • health assistance institutions such as recreation homes and sanatoriums
  • women’s shelters

Further, AWO covers activities of

more than 3,500 support and self-help groups, and other groups of civic commitment, including:

  • seniors groups and circles
  • youth work and youth welfare
  • engagement for chronically sick and disabled persons
  • self-help support and contact groups for health issues
  • volunteer offices
  • support groups for people in special emergency situations
    (self-help groups of unemployed people or special women groups)
  • family welfare

At all levels, more than 800 facilities, initiatives, and organisations have joined AWO as corporate members.
The “Jugendwerk” is an independent youth organisation of AWO.

The AWO’s Principles

Due to our historical involvement in the workers’ rights movement we place great importance in liberal-democratic socialism and its values, namely solidarity, tolerance, liberty, equality and justice.

Our members’ association is devoted to fighting for social justice and is politically active.
Our volunteer and professional programmes enable us to pursue our goals.

We promote a social and democratic way of thinking and of operating, and have social visions.

We assist people in taking charge of their lives, independently and responsibly, and we promote different ways of life.

We promote solidarity and reinforce people’s sense of social responsibility.

We offer higher-quality social services to all.

We are a socially, economically, ecologically and internationally responsible organisation, and promote the sustainable and responsible use of available resources.

We safeguard the independence and autonomy of our association, and we guarantee our transparency and monitoring.

We are experts in our field, innovative and trustworthy, which we ensure with the help of our co-workers and volunteers.

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